Re-imagining Urban Futures through Urban Geography and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

GeospatialCSI is a curricular initiative under the Geography program at CUNY College of Staten Island. The objective of this initiative is to build a space and community among students to produce creative, collaborative and public-facing Urban Geography-centered inquiry and research.

As an educational space and community, GeospatialCSI focuses on:

  • spatial ethnography
  • experimentation and experiential learning
  • student collaboration
  • cross-disciplinary knowledge production
  • community engagement

Integrating the lab model from the geospatial sciences and the studio and workshop model from the humanities, GeospatialCSI leverages a wide range of learning synergies—desk and  field based, in person and virtual—in designing courses and research projects for CUNY students as they tackle specific and broad questions and ideas in re-imagining the futures of cities.

GeospatialCSI started in Fall 2018 led by Dr. Nerve V. Macaspac, Asst. Prof. of Geography at CUNY College of Staten Island.

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